Empties, empties, empties

I am obsessed by skincare. My husband has pointed out that it would be cheaper for me to have a facelift than to continue buying the quantity of product that I do. This is possible. However, for now I will resist the knife and share with you my humble offerings. 

So, I have learnt from the greatest (mostly @carolinehirons and @salihughesbeauty) as well as years of battling my own acne ridden, hyper pigmented and rapidly ageing skin. The first golden rule of skincare is to cleanse, cleanse and then cleanse again. Ren are a medium priced skincare range and their No 1 Purity cleansing balm is great. I haven't been convinced by all of their offerings but this stuff is very pleasing. A really thick, nice smelling balm which gives you a great cleanse and can be used for a really deep facial massage if you have the necessary reserves of elbow grease  (Lisa Eldridge does a great YouTube tutorial on this). It is £24 for 100ml and great value for money. I've got through several tubes of this stuff and will continue to repurchase. 

The Cult 51 cream was part of a cult beauty box. Its description on their website suggests that it is a multipurpose balm that cures all evil (and possibly cancer). I used it (sparingly) as a night cream pre facial oil. It is EYE-WATERINGLY expensive (you would need to sell a few organs to regularly afford it - £125 per 50ml) but it is SERIOUS snake oil skincare shit 🐍. If I could afford it by legal means I would. I woke up with luminous (not a word I often associate with my face, unless drunk), glowing skin the following day. Seriously nice, seriously expensive. One to ask Bad Santa for, methinks. 

Finally, I got to try the Zelens z matrix, also courtesy of the cult beauty box in October 2015 (sold as part of a skin transformative trio for £42 for 3 X 15ml products at cult beauty). I'm a big fan of their SPF and their founder Dr Marko Lens clearly knows his stuff. The product on its own didn't feel particularly wondrous on the skin (a bit tacky) but certainly offered a good moisture surge. The trouble was it wouldn't play nicely with other products and it would roll if ever I tried to layer other products on top. I am a big fan of layering (clothes, sandwiches and particularly skincare) but even if I left an hour between this and anything else (usually an oil) it would just all break down and bobble off my skin. I'm sure there is a clever, hi tech reason for this but I frankly found it a bit irritating as I felt that on its own this wasn't enough. I would probably stick with team players in future. 

As the photo bears testament I have practically licked these products dry. Roll on the next batch.............. 


 The party's over  

The party's over