This sheepskin will never dry............


Like many first time parents myself and my husband have been fairly cautious about what to buy for our little lady. Partly due to the fear of the expense and secondly due to the fear of having nowhere to store all the mountains of (largely unused) crap. I was bowled over by the generosity of our family and friends, who offloaded a multitude of gadgets on our unsuspecting selves. Whilst they are unquestionably all amazing and some of the donations have been really helpful, I have also come to realise that certain offerings to our house were cheaper than the donors hiring a skip.


That said, 3 months in, me and the other half have about turned on our cautious (and frankly stingy ways) if something will help our child sleep. We will chuck cash at literally anything with merely the weakest of anecdotal sleep benefit. So, on the promise of a restful night, we invested heavily in sheepskin. We went big. Our house is now covered in more sheepskin throws than a George Michael video circa 1986 (I'm thinking 'Last Christmas I gave you my heart', - the log cabin scene).


Anyway, I digress. We bought from established (read overpriced) retail outlets and also got overexcited at a farmers market and went au naturel (read covered in questionable stains) and invested in a second 'so much fluffier' one. Sadly the au naturel version turned out to be an absolute honker (not evident in the market place) and it proceeded to stink out the car, house and unfortunately our child. We have washed it 3 times and still the smell of wet sheep lingers. EVERYWHERE. Our unknowing daughter happily plays away on it but smells like a lamb kebab come bedtime. Beware, the heavily bleached, overpriced retail one has also come a cropper. It required a wash post heavy vomitage and has met a similar, stinky fate.

In short, my daughter LOVES sleeping and playing on these animal hides, but make sure you have good ventilation and some glade plugins to see you through.


(Suggestions for adequate washing tips for sheepskin gratefully received). Xx

 Wet sheepskin never smelt so good mmmmm

Wet sheepskin never smelt so good mmmmm