Bleach and the blue rinse brigade

Yesterday was an afternoon I had been waiting for, for some time. It marked 14 weeks of my gorgeous baby girl's life and also TIME TO GET MY ROOTS DONE! Contrary to popular belief I am not a natural blonde and I have been dying my locks for all of my adult life. For the most part this has been on the lighter end of the spectrum although I did once try and go for a darker brown and ended up virtually being admitted to A&E with a severe allergic reaction. It wasn't pretty. I was told I resembled Charlize Theron Monster. Not exactly the look I was going for (although I couldn't really see myself for some time as my eye swelled shut).  

Suffice to say I have a long history of dying my hair with varying degree of success. My reasons for this have also migrated from pure aesthetics to needing a LOT of grey coverage. A lot. As in half of my roots are now grey so my head looks like a checkerboard. 

The logistics of getting my hair done were somewhat difficult. I needed a minimum of 4 childless hours, backup of expressed milk in the freezer and a husband free of social commitments. This 'perfect storm' required a Saturday appointment at the hairdressers: more coveted than a place at the local nursery. 

So at midday yesterday I set out for the salon with a spring in my step. Conditions were perfect. Latte and sparkling water on arrival and the promise of looking like Heidi Klum on departure....... I find the whole ritual very therapeutic, including the conversation where the appalling condition of my hair is reviewed. It is amazing how many hairdressers I can fool into thinking I have thick hair. I don't. I just have a week's worth of dry shampoo buildup and haven't bothered brush it.  

At my previous appointment I was advised to ditch the tired 'golden highlights' look in favour of straight bleach. I went with this and although I beared a resemblance to Lord Voldemort in the first week, I actually grew to love it. One of the major plus points of bleach is that it dries your hair out so much that you rarely need to wash it (others may not consider this dehydration to be a positive). For me it has been a life saver as trying to get dressed, let alone wash my hair, with a new baby has been impossible. Bleach and a can of Batiste have served me well most days.  

I was persuaded to buy some 'special' bright blue conditioner at my last appointment (the standard up sell of all hairdressers - similar to buying insurance for your mobile phone. Overpriced but you are probably screwed without it). Unfortunately I had got a bit carried away with this conditioner and had misunderstood its purpose. I thought the more you used it the LESS grey you become. No. The reverse. This explains the slightly grey/blueish tinge that had developed on the ends of my hair. Apparently its role is to combat brassiness. No danger of that. 





So, I have emerged a blonder and frankly better version of myself. Not quite a full on peroxide but not far from it. I also caved in and bought the Aveda damage remedy shampoo and conditioner, under threat that my hair was close to falling out. I'll report back on whether it has stopped me going bald.  

In in the meantime I shall be swishing my bristly hair in every direction and thanking peroxide that I can next wash my hair for Christmas.