Kiss me quick

My daughter has given me an unprecedented 90 minutes of nap time today allowing me to devote precious seconds to the blog - the washing can sort itself out later.  

So, quickly before she wakes up, my EOS lip balm.  

What's right with it? It looks great (I'm a sucker for a pretty object) and it smells gorgeous. I got pomegranate but there are loads of other great sounding flavours. It is also extremely hygienic. Now, I have a fairly relaxed attitude towards hygiene but I do shudder when I think about the swarms of bacteria having a partaaaay in my pot of Vaseline. Eos is hands free (as in it rolls on like a lipstick) so no inadvertent baby poo transfer. Eugh.

What's wrong with it? My lips don't feel as hydrated as other products (Vaseline wins here for me and Burt's Bees a close second) and it needs quite frequent applications. Not the cheapest at £5.99 but does last a while. 

Short and sweet. On balance a great stocking filler and one for my 11 year old niece. She will LOVE it. X  

 Good enough to eat  

Good enough to eat