A bit fishy

I love my 4 month old daughter more than anything. We've had a pretty good, kind of windy, November Sunday together. My husband is on a sourdough making course out East (I know, I know, we are an inevitable middle class, London cliche. But in his/our defence the course seemed like a money saving investment. I ate a low loader's worth of bread when I was pregnant and I thought it would be cheaper to start making our own. Well, I don't bake. At all. So, the bread burden lay with him - I did have to go through pregnancy you know....)

Anyway, normally I am off out and about, running around like a children's entertainer trying to amuse our child. But, after several nights of semi hard drinking and cumulative sleep deprivation I thought 'SOD IT'. So we stayed in. To be fair, we popped down to the local artistic offering to see my friend's very cool lights (Sarah Colson - we salute you). Otherwise we have done precious little. My daughter has sat on my lap and watched me eat After Eights and clementines. She likes watching me eat, I like eating. Win win.  

I also quite like gazing at her gorgeous face and (because I am beauty obsessed) her buttery, buttery beautiful skin. Babies just emit a clearness and glow that is completely wasted on them. Admittedly she is quite often covered in dribble and can also become quite mottled after prolonged screaming. But even this cannot detract from her fresh, dewiness. 

 My baby's buttery beauty (sadly cod liver oil may not provide exactly these results)  

My baby's buttery beauty (sadly cod liver oil may not provide exactly these results)  

And so the maternal envy of my 16 week old daughter's skin got me thinking about what beauty regime/tip/supplement I could bestow upon the blog.  

It was a pleasant surprise to me how brilliant my skin was during my pregnancy. I have suffered with acne all my life and it improved beyond all my wildest dreams, from about 12 weeks in. Sadly I also have melasma which was much worse in pregnancy, but still, the joy of not having pustules on my face was heaven sent. Or was it?  

Now obviously long term pregnancy is not a viable option for an acne free face (or is it.....?) but I was thinking what other things might have contributed to my smoother complexion. My diet was certainly not the answer as I ate like a poorly adjusted male student throughout: white bread, monster munch, fish fingers. I did however cut out alcohol and had very little dairy - no cheese and virtually no milk. Could this be partly responsible?  

One thing I did do, and is often quoted as being extremely beneficial for skin, was take fish oils. This started pre pregnancy and has continued throughout (if you are pregnant check the doses of cod liver oil as high levels of vitamin A can be dangerous) -  and so far my skin has not reverted to its spotty state, despite having passed the 3 month threshold when you are supposed to go bald and develop craters. 

 Fish gives good glow  

Fish gives good glow  

Cod liver oil is generally what I rely on and is packed full of omega 3 which is your skin's no. 1 friend and vitamins A and D which have all kinds of skin goodness. Sali Hughes, my skin care guru - not personal, sadly- talks about the importance that fish oil can make to your skin care routine. It is simple and cheap (although the higher quality you buy the better) and taking a couple of tablets a day is less effort than even the most basic skincare regime. If you google it there are multiple advocates for this stuff. And it is good for your health in general. Surely a no brainer? 

So, my Sunday musings fall on the side of a bit of fish oil supplementation to get your skin baby soft and full of glow. Clearly I'll still be slathering the expensive snake oil on my jowels as well but a bit of fish oil in addition? It has to be worth a try. Now back to gazing at my gorgeous daughter........X