Finger lickin good

I don't know what possessed me but a couple of nights ago I was left unattended and committed a cardinal skin sin. I spent some quality time in front of the bathroom mirror terrorising my poor, poor face. 

My husband is constantly telling me to stop picking my face and i had been really good of late - frankly I just hadn't had the time. But I fell off the wagon hard on Thursday night. The lure of two deep spots on my chin that have been there for ages was just too much. ........

 Nothing to see here - as long as I bend forward with my hand over my chin

Nothing to see here - as long as I bend forward with my hand over my chin

I was also overconfident, fresh from reading Caroline Hirons' latest cheat sheet on 'How to Pop a Spot'. She gives a thorough run down on how to mitigate disaster if you do fall into the trap of a good squeeze, but her main advice - and one that I echo is - DO NOT BURST SPOTS. EVER. Especially not ones that are so deep they go all the way down to your toes and you have no hope of removing the source. 

Unfortunately my brazen flouting of the rules of spot club resulted in a horrible, bloody mess with no satisfying end. I was hygienic, I applied bucket loads of salicylic acid and followed up with round the clock oil and Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour cream. But despite my best endeavours I have had to sit through a Sunday lunch with a horrible flaking scab on my chin that only looked worse after concealer had been applied.

By 4pm I had to put my scarf on (it was bloody boiling and I looked like a right t**t) because after a quick loo mirror inspection I realised that my whole chin was peeling off and even a trauma surgeon would have been put off their rhubarb crumble. I was back to my 17 year old acne ridden self (shudder).

Ok, so I exaggerate for effect but honestly, it was not a good look and you just feel soooo self conscious - way worse than having the original spot. It is also certainly true that it just ends up spreading the bacteria around the offending area. 12 hours in to 'spot gate' and there were a bunch of groupie white heads hanging around the area, looking for a pustular partaay on my chin. 

So, you have been warned. Sit on your hands, buy scratch mitts, wear a balaclava or whatever you need to do but AVOID squeezing that spot at all costs. It's not big and it's definitely not clever and your face will thank you for it in the morning. X