Kale Leaf Ambush

Now as avid readers of my blog are aware (my mum) I didn't exactly have a good experience with the previous Tata Harper products I purchased (regenerating cleanser and reparative moisturiser). If Tata Harper had a hit list I suspect I may have been on it - cue a bombardment of organic, vegan hate products: anonymous kale through the letterbox. Terrifying.  

Anyhoo, I have been trying their nourishing oil cleanser and I am pleased to report that it is stupidly nice. I am an obsessive cleanser and have about 10 different cleansers in my collection - ones for the morning, leave on, first, second, bath time, treatment cleanse - you name it, I have it.

 Like a kale leaf ambush on your face  

Like a kale leaf ambush on your face  

Generally I prefer a good thick balmly product, some elbow grease and a flannel - nothing gets the grime off like that badass combo. But there was definitely a hole in my collection for a good oil based cleanser.  I am a massive face oil fan (a lot of my mortgage payments have gone on these) so the combo of oil + cleanser is a no brainer.  

This offering from Tata is promoted as a 'makeup remover and softening wash'. Like Ms Hirons I tend to remove makeup first with a cheap cleanser (l'Oreal Age Perfect 'cleansing milk, soothing and anti fatigue' good for this) and then you can really get the cleaning product on your face after the gunk has been removed.  

The Tata cleanser contains rosehip oil (good for treating scars), sacha inchi oil (omega 3,6&9), camellia oil (vitamins A, B & E) and argan oil (high in antioxidants). Can't really argue with that combo can you? It smells great, and left my skin feeling soft and clean. Job done. 

Reading the list of ingredients it did occur to me that I actually own quite a lot of these oils individually and I should probably put them to use as a cleanser after this has run out. Whilst the cleanser was great it is £48 for 125ml, which is on the steep side. I'm sure the Tata oils are much better quality than my haul ( largely from TKMaxx and a holiday to Morocco last year where I brought back pints of argan oil) - but for cleansing purposes you probably don't need the highest level of quality as it is being wiped off your skin fairly quickly. Just a thought in an effort to use up my endless vats of product - like an EU milk lake* in my house.

But overall definitely a thumbs up this time. My compliments to the chef. X  

*reference applies to the quotas and surpluses used for farming goods in the European Union in the 1990s. Correct at the time of GCSE Geography revision in 1995.