Necessity is the mother of invention

Yesterday, once again, the water supply to our house was cut off. We seem to live on the leakiest hill in South London and this is not an infrequent occurrence.  

Whilst on the one hand I was celebrating (any excuse not to shower) and reaching for the Batiste (again) it did leave me cleanser less. Whilst I have many different kinds of cleanser ALL of them require water for a good rinse at the end. 

Anyway, as not cleansing is NEVER an option I decided to try using coconut oil which I've heard a variety of people (including a recent post by @theejude) advocate for skincare.

Thankfully we had a brand new pot of the stuff. Organic with no added ingredients so perfect for the job - a lucky coincidence as it is the only one that Sainsbury's stocks near us.  

So, with no alternative option I slapped the coconut goo on my face. It instantly reduced down into an oil that was very easy to spread on my face. I wasn't really sure whether i was supposed to leave it on my skin or to try and remove it. In the end I sort of half wiped off some of the oil off with a cotton pad and then applied my usual skincare.  

It felt slightly wrong putting this on my face (a bit like smearing lard on my skin - nice) but initially it seemed to do a nice job at cleaning my skin - although without water I never feel completely clean. 

However, by the end of yesterday (and to be fair it was a particularly fraught day-did I mention my daughter is teething? MISERY for all of us) my skin just looked a bit dull. Not terrible, not breaking out, just dull. I do think a good cleanse in the morning (with a flannel and bit of exfoliation) is really important. If anything, I now feel a bit more justified in buying all my cleansers because I think they do make a difference.  

However, coconut oil is also recommended as a leave on oil as well as just a cleanser. I'm happy to try this instead - let's see if it works. Any experiences with using natural cleansers do let me know. X  

 I've got a lovely bunch of coconuts....oh no i don't. I have a bowl of clementines. 

I've got a lovely bunch of coconuts....oh no i don't. I have a bowl of clementines.