If it ain't broke

Like many skincare addicts I am constantly wanting to try the latest 'magic potion' which is *guaranteed* to give me the skin of a new born baby. I have stacks of serums and creams strewn across my bedside table, competing to make it into that day's routine.  

It is true that skincare regimes benefit from being able to adapt to current skin needs - more layers of hydration when dehydrated in the winter, increased salicylic and exfoliation when breaking out. But switching things up too much can often result in you never knowing what actually works for your skin, or products not having long enough to show results. 

Over the last month I have (for once) been sticking to a reasonably stable routine - which I am tentatively declaring a success! I will always have less than perfect skin (hyperpigmentation, acne scars, broken veins....) and without actual treatment, I don't expect those to change. But I do feel that the background quality of my skin in terms of brightness and reduced breakouts, can be improved.  

And so, what has been working? 

I probably rotate my cleansers the most in my routine and I have an obscene number of them. But the ones I use the most are the Emma Hardie Moringa Cleansing Balm, Eve Lom Cleanser and Ren No.1 Purity Cleansing Balm. I use with flannels in the morning & I've just started using with my Clarisonic Aria over the last week for nighttime. I LOVE them all and these products, above all else in my routine, have reduced my breakouts significantly.  

Following this I have been using the Pixi Glow Tonic morning & night. Occasionally my skin feels a bit stripped and tight so I give it a miss at night (especially if I am using Alpha H Liquid Gold, which I I do about twice a week). I never used to use a regular acid toner, but have liked using this (and am really addicted to the smell - I know, bit strange!)

My daytime skincare routine is normally the most varied but for the last month I've been fairly consistent. I've used the Hylamide SubQ Anti Age serum and Low Molecular HA Hydration Boost serum which absorb really quickly and layer so well. Hard to say if my skin is significantly plumped with these, but it does feel hydrated and smooth - and they are seriously good value! 

Over this I use the Estée Lauder Antioxidant Daywear SPF 50. It smells lovely, gives a great glow and most importantly has SPF 50 which is essential after all my acid exfoliating.  

 Good Morning!!!!!!!! 

Good Morning!!!!!!!! 

At night I have cut out several steps. I was initially using the Hylamide serums at night but they didn't mix with my other products. So, after a double cleanse I go straight for the good stuff. I slather (cautiously as it is soooo expensive) Cult 51 cream over my skin. It feels gorgeous, my skin drinks it up, and without fail it looks better in the morning after I've used this.  

My final step is always an oil. I tend to wait about 20 mins before I put this on to make sure all of my Cult 51 has been absorbed. Then it is 3/4 of a pipette full of Sunday Riley's Juno oil. I really like this oil although suspect that I will try a different one from her collection next as I am so curious about the range.  

 Get your sleep on  

Get your sleep on  

So there it is. My current skincare essentials. Spritzing and masks make guest appearances, but these guys are my right hand men of the moment. Give me good glow! X