It's a wrap

So there you have it; 6 months of maternity leave pretty much OVAH. I'd like to be able to succinctly sum it up- the giddy highs and bone thumping lows- but to be honest it's all been a bit of a blur.

I vaguely remember buying a lot of mohair jumpers (still unclear why), swaying at all times (even when not holding my baby) and becoming captivated by The Real House Wives of Beverly Hills (Lisa Vanderpump, I love you). I also discovered my inner loathing for group activities aimed at 'mums & babies' (shudder) and consequently spent an obscene amount of time on social media whist feeding my baby in various places around the South Circular.

I have cleansed, shopped and sworn my way through 6 months and by some complete miracle (my husband is as confused as me) we have managed to produce an unbelievably awesome baby*. Only time will tell what the collateral damage of my ferocious selfie taking will have had on her psyche, but for now, she rules. Literally rules. 

It was with a mixture of pride and disappointment this week, that I was informed by the child minder that my daughter had barely mustered a tear during her first session (seriously, she could have cried a bit). I dealt with the situation in a suitably adult way - I picked a fight with my husband and sobbed to the final episode of Fargo (series 2). Other than this unremarkable outburst, it has been business as usual. 

To be fair, I've got it easy. I'm only going back part time and the blow of having to earn a crust is being softened by the handy location of a SpaceNK right near work (score). My skincare addiction can continue (although with possibly a little less spritzing and staring in mirrors than I currently do 😳) and I can get back to applying my years of study to actual practice. Above all, I can finally have a shit in peace (apologies to my colleagues in advance). 

It has been a total revelation (who knew my skin would respond so well to acid exfoliators) sort of joking there.........learning all my daughter has to offer (deciphering the yells) and learning more about myself and my relationship than I could ever have imagined.

It has been a TOTAL BLAST! I am the mother of a tiny DRAGON but I am ready to re-embrace my work life - and anyway, I have a sneaking suspicion that it won't be too long before the next one comes along........X 

 *entirely unbiased viewpoint 

 We are family  

We are family