My musings on the Mondeo of the skincare world - the Clarisonic Aria

As I lie here on my death bed I thought I would offer you my final musings on a recent skincare purchase. It seemed wrong to pass over to the other side without sharing these pearls of wisdom on the Clarisonic Aria.

OK, possibly slightly melodramatic (moi, never) but I have got a horrible gastric flu which has resulted in me being bed bound for 2 days. My poor husband has been an absolute star looking after our daughter, but it has made me seriously question having another one. I mean, how do you cope when you have to look after your child and you feel like death? I really don't know how people do it. Granted I am the LEAST stoical person when it comes to being ill. But my God, I am going to struggle..... 

Anyway, digression aside, I had promised/threatened to report back on the Clarisonic Aria which I started using about 6 weeks ago. Given my inability to do much else, now seemed like the perfect time to let you know my thoughts.

 I love using my clarisonic with a full face of makeup on 

I love using my clarisonic with a full face of makeup on 

I have wanted a Clarisonic for ages (ever since I saw Jaclyn Hill giving her review of the Mia 2 - here). I am a sucker for a gadget and given how beneficial proper cleansing has been to improving my skin, I thought an additional cleansing tool couldn't be a bad thing.  

My slight hesitation (other than the price) had been that it might aggravate my melasma. I saw an interview between Dr Sam Bunting and Caroline Hirons which eluded to this. Slightly frustratingly Dr Sam was about to give a good explanation of why you shouldn't increase the 'energy' on the skin with physical treatments if you have melasma - here, but Caroline talks over her a bit. Now, generally the skincare God that is Caroline Hirons can do no wrong, but I did shout at the computer at this point as I wanted to know what gems, Dr Sam had to offer - (God know's I can't afford to pay to see her!) I think the general message was that extreme physical treatments like microdermabrasion and waxing might increase hyperpigmentation (more agressive cleansing wasn't mentioned). Still, it was enough to stall my purchase.

You also never see any of the top skincare gurus talking about Clarisonics, which again made me suspicious, as surely if they were so good, Sali Huges et al would be shouting from the roof tops about them. Of a timely nature Olivia Palermo's IG post did feature a Clarisonic yesterday, but let's face it - Ms Palermo no doubt only has the cashmere clad hands of angels touching her face and this is most likely a sponsored post. 

Despite these concerns, needless to say I got drunk (disinhibited after a glass of Prosecco) one night after Christmas and ended up buying one . Reservations cast aside I therefore had to use it as they don't come cheap.

I've been using it for about 6 weeks now, and I only use it at night and in my problem areas - so nose, chin and a bit of forehead. (I avoid the melasma areas on my cheeks, just in case.)  The rest of my routine is completely the same. I still use a warm flannel to wipe off the cleanser after I've used the Clarisonic and I have stuck to using the same amount of acid exfoliators on top (for my current routine see post here). 

 Here I am again - i could do this all day.......

Here I am again - i could do this all day.......

And.........  well........ I really like it! I think my chin spots have definitely improved and it definitely makes my skin feel cleaner and better prepped for my night time products. It is really quick and simple and less hassle than doing your own facial massage (which I'd kind of given up on since having a baby, anyway). I've not noticed any reaction to using it (and my skin is incredibly sensitive) no breakouts, dryness, redness or aggravation of melasma. Top marks.

On the few occasions I haven't bothered to use it (it is bloody noisy and I didn't want to risk waking my daughter one night) I've definitely felt less 'clean' and ended up using a more exfoliating cleanser (Tata Haper Regenerating Cleanser) instead. 

It is a lot of money but mine was reduced to £99 from £150 (here) and I suspect that there are always deals to be had. Also, when compared to the price of some of my more ridiculous serums, it really isn't so bad....... 

There are several different models and I'm not sure if it honestly makes much of a difference. I would recommend watching the instruction video here as I didn't have a clue how to use the thing initially. To be fair i also can't really change a lightbulb. 

When I posted about the Clarisonic on Instagram it got a fairly muted response. People seem to prefer acid exfoliants and hot flannels. I use them too and feel that for my skin at least, I can definitely use all these products together. I think Clarisonics have become a bit unfashionable (Mondeo anyone) but in my book are actually really good. 

So, a big thumbs up from me. Yes they do look like a giant Remmington Fuzz Away for your face, and make a questionable humming whilst in use. But I wouldn't be without mine now for a serious deep clean. 

Anyone else got any views on these? Please do let me know. X