Have you joined the cult?

I'm very mindful of the fact that different skin types suit different products and what works for one person can do very little for another. I'm always glad to offer (read thrust) advice about products on various members of my family which is based on reviews I've read (Sali, Caroline, Ruth) or You Tube videos I've watched. However, ultimately my sample size for actually testing a product is 1 (yours truly) which I vaguely remember from GCSE maths, is spectacularly inaccurate. 

Fortunately, I'm not one to shy away from sweeping generalisations and outrageous claims based on very little evidence. Enter stage left, Cult 51. I've never actually written a review about these guys although they feature in my IG feed all the time. They are in my top 3 favourite products (Alpha H Liquid Gold & Emma Hardie Moringa Balm are the other two in case you were wondering) in terms of giving a noticeable difference to my skin. 

Like all good skincare desperadoes I was introduced to their night cream by a Cult Beauty Box sample pot. I was going away one weekend and was attempting to travel light (good joke there) so the 10ml sample pot was the perfect size. I didn't have room for much other skincare (as my bags were full of baby wipes and breast pads - sigh) so I had an unadulterated testing opportunity. I was fairly liberal with my application, as I was completely unaware at the time of how much it cost. Perhaps my lack of knowledge about this unassuming cream was a good thing as it didn't cloud my judgement about its effects.

Suffice to say I woke up the next morning to seriously radiant skin. You know when you are in someone else's house, looking in a different mirror you somehow seem to get a fresh perspective on your face. Well, that weekend I basically didn't stop checking myself out (and believe me, I like a good pouting in the mirror session) because my skin looked so finger lickin good.

I really struggled with forking out for the full pot as it is £120 which is steep even by my extravagent standards. However I finally took the plunge after a few wines one night - goddam drunken Cult Beauty shopping. Thankfully my pot has lasted quite a few months (mercifully longer than the hangover) and it really is gorgeous.

The only down side, apart from the price, is that it doesn't mix brilliantly with other products. I tend to layer it with a facial oil (currently Sunday Riley's Juno) and I have to wait a good 30 minutes between the two products to ensure that they don't just peel off the skin together. However, if you can bear to wait (and start your nighttime skin care regime early) then it is worth the combination of the two for unparalleled glow. 

I also recently got a sample of the Cult 51 immediate effects serum which I've been trying out. Again, a lovely product that did offer a really nice base to my skin before applying my makeup. Unlike the night cream it also layered really well with all the other products that I use in the morning - and I have A LOT of layers during the day.  

I'm hesitant to go quite as nuts over this serum. I really, really like it but probably not to the extent that I adore the night cream. I haven't gone out and bought myself a pot whereas the night cream is a definite repurchase, so I guess that speaks volumes.  

So there you have it. I've joined the cult, and suspect I may be in it for life. I worship fanatically at their particular brand of snakeoil and am happy to spread the word about their (expensive) but saint worthy elixir.  

 Join the cult  

Join the cult