The goddess of skin?

Apparently the ancient goddess Juno looked after the women of Rome alongside being the daughter of Saturn, protector and counselor of the state, wife of Jupiter and mother of Mars and Venus. So, all told, a fairly hectic schedule for our Juney baby, and little did she realise that she would also be responsible for giving women of Rome (and anywhere with Cult Beauty shipping) some serious hydration and glow. 

I've nearly come to the end of my tiny, bottled goddess, so I thought it was about time I gave it a review. It has been featured in countless Instagram skincare routine pics and has become a regular in my nighttime routine, so what of this Sunday Riley stalwart? 

I struggled to decide which of the Sunday Riley facial oils to choose from: Juno, Artemis, Flora or Luna. Sunday Riley gave an interview with Pixiwoo on their YouTube channel which I found really helpful to explain which oil to go for based on your skin ailment (I'll put the link in later but right now am writing this on my phone in the back of the car on a 6 hour drive to Durham. Good times.)

Luna is the oil I have seen most widely discussed as it led the way in non prescription, retinol based 'treatment oils'. This is targeted at people with more troublesome skin which is acne prone or hyperpigmented. Retinol is also one of the few ingredients which is actually evidenced based in terms of combating the signs of aging. 

I'd read quite mixed reviews about Luna with some people singing its praises from the roof tops and others accusing it of breaking them out and making their limbs fall off etc. I've always been quite intrigued by it, but whilst in the midst of pregnancy and now breastfeeding I decided to steer clear of anything too toxic and related to retinol.  

I originally tried a sample of Flora, which is targeted towards more mature skin and those in need of serious hydration. To be honest I really loved this oil as it was wonderful at hydrating my parched, pregnancy skin. But when it came to making an actual purchase, I couldn't resist the promising Cult Beauty write up of Juno, claiming an unparalleled glow.  

I've been heavy handedly using Juno for around 4 months and I have to say that I wouldn't be without a facial oil in my nighttime routine now. I just love the way they feel and (in my opinion) are so much more effective than any moisturiser. I tend to use them as the final step in my routine after serum + Nightcream (always Cult 51), aside from the 2 nights a week I just use Alpha H Liquid Gold.  

I have really enjoyed using Juno and definitely think that it does good things for my skin. Does it make me glow like a goddess? Possibly not, but it has worked well with all my other products to give a good hydration boost to my knackered face during a very sleep deprived period.  

They recommend using a few drops of this stuff which I think is a bit optimistic. I tend to go in with a pipette full to really get a heavy grease all over my face (nice, eh?) and at that rate I reckon it will last around 6 months. At £70 it is pretty punchy on the wallet, but it certainly does last and is a thick, quality oil. 

I'm quite keen to try out another oil for my next purchase. Possibly Flora, as I was so impressed by this originally, although Aurelia are also supposed to do a really nice facial oil and I loved their miracle polish cleansing balm (which makes the best facial mask when left on). 

So, if anyone has any recommendations for their favourite oil, it would be gratefully received? And has anyone out there tried out poor old Artemis, who never seems to get a look in?  

Let me know. X  

 There's a goddess on my windowsill  

There's a goddess on my windowsill