Liebster Award

I have been slacker than the arse on my drop crotch jeans at getting round to writing this blog post. I have no problem penning an ode to an acid exfoliator, but find it way harder to answer any questions about my self.

The ever gorgeous Cassie from the Chic Mama blog nominated me to answer 5 questions about my alter ego a.k.a 'The Spilt Milk' as part of the Liebster Blog Awards. I've read several other posts by bloggers who have been involved with this concept and really enjoyed their offerings. Basically, the idea is to give a shout out to the blogs that inspire us to get dressed in the morning, or make us laugh last thing at night. 

I'm all for over disclosure and linking up the disparate bloggers strewn about the World Wide Web; heaven knows it can be lonely out there some times! 

So, in the spirit of Mr or Mrs Liebster (or whoever they are)  I will be duly answering Cassie's 5 questions and then nominating 5 other blogs that I love. Thankfully, my Mastermind specialist subject just happens to be myself 😬, and "I've I'll finish. 

1. Why did you start blogging? 

I started blogging and using IG about three months into my maternity leave. I had hours of time on my hands whilst breastfeeding my daughter and I got bored of scrolling through endless celebrity selfies (unbelievable, I know). I realised that I had a shed load of opinions that I wanted to voice, but no one to share them with, particularly at 3 in the morning.

I cracked one evening after a fretful trip to IKEA, when I could no longer cope with the mind numbing lack of achievement the day had offered. Thankfully my technologically savvy husband was able to set up the blog and IG account as I sat sobbing over flat pack furniture. He was very supportive of my vision to 'express myself' (euphemism for moan/brag/bore the pants off people about my love of shopping & skincare). I think he was grateful that I found a creative outlet as it took the pressure off him!  


2. Who or what inspires your posts?  

The blog has always been based on the stuff that interests me, which disturbingly appears to be *my* skin, *my* hair and *my* clothes.........awkward. I may one day branch out and write about something a bit more altruistic, but for now it is all rather self serving.

The Spilt Milk was intended to be a bit of a diary/skincare journal that I could look back on in years to come and relive the ramblings of my postpartum self. But it turned out that I had ALOT to say about skincare and it has become an outlet for my obsession with all things beauty, interspersed with anecdotal hair loss references. Probably not going to be winning the Booker Prize any time soon but I've really loved writing and discovered a new passion for photography. 


3. Beach or city holiday?  

City, city city. Two reasons: firstly I hate the sun (I'm a pasty Brit with melasma). Second, did I mention I LOVE shopping? City break every goddam time (easy on the culture, big on the shops). 


4. Your guilty pleasure?  

I would have said the obscene amounts I spend on skincare but I genuinely feel very little remorse for this. I do, however, feel sullied by the amounts of reality TV I watch (and enjoy). So probably TOWIE (sorry, this probably means very little outside the UK). The SHAME.  

5. Your proudest achievement to date?  

Total cliche but it has to be marrying my husband and having our daughter. Those two are the best thing I ever did (although I have had some pretty special facials........)  


6. Shoes or handbags?  

Definitely bags. I own piles of the things and yet have still never found one that allowed me to handily access my keys, phone and wallet. I spend hours groping around the bottom of rucksacks, totes, satchels, clutches and can still never find what I bloody need. Anyway, aside from this, I have always loved bags. Even the posh paper bags you get from shops, all get squirrelled away. No matter how fat, spotty or rough you may feel, a bag will always look good on you. 


So, there you have it. The fabulous blogs that I nominate are below (links to follow - I am currently computerless). 

1. Nowweare40

2. Chloelovestoshop

3. Thenaughtyfortydiaries 

4. Thatluxuriousfeeling 

5. Fowlmouths food (warning - this will make you hungry) 

And the questions to these guys are as follows:  

1. Why did you start to write your blog?  

2. How would you like the blog to develop?

3. How often do you spend on your phone a day? (full disclosure please) 

4. What do your other halves/quarters think of you writing a blog? 

5.  Selfie or arty coffee table shot? 

I look forward to the responses! X