Empties, once again

I haven't written a blog post for bloody ages. Small people, work, never ending domestic chores all seem to get in the way of my burgeoning blogger career. I'm also quite lazy, and often would rather just watch the TV (which bizarrely just autocorrected as stab - sinister typo). 

Anyway, tonight I thought I'd update you all with my empties list. Bit of a no brainer as I think I've talked about all of these before, and if you haven't read my previous reviews then WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN 😜. 

So, first up; the repurchases. I keep trying to find other options to the Institut Esthederm Photo Reverse sun block, but I can't. It is thick, a bit chalky, stings when it gets in my eyes, but is the only thing I really trust as a true sunblock. Now that it is summer (looks outside window at clouds) I definitely amp up my sun protection. I do, also, try and wear a hat as often as I can, but honestly, I'm not doing my commute in a Panama (knob). 

So, whenever sun is about, this gets slapped on my face. It isn't for the faint hearted, and doesn't mix well with makeup. But, according to the blurb it not only protects against pigmentation, but also helps fade existing patches. It doesn't have an SPF rating (which a lot of French brands don't use), but I can testify that it works. Does it get rid of my melasma, no. But it has definitely helped prevent it getting worse during the summer, and is an absolute must for any enforced beach time. It is a whopping £55, but a tube will last the year (if you live in the UK and only have 3 months of summer 😜).  

On a similar vein, I am also a compulsive repurchaser of the Estée Lauder Antioxidant Daywear SPF 50. This has been the final step in my daytime routine for ages. It is moisturising, light, gives a lovely glow, has lots of SPF and is reasonably priced at £30. Great for a day at the office with limited sun exposure, or during the winter months. 

Finally, for the definite repurchases, is the Ren No 1 Purity Balm Cleanser. A lovely, thick balm which is really effective and lasts for ages. £24 a tube. What's not to love? Watch out for M&S offers on beauty, so you can get it for even cheaper. 

On my 'want to not repurchase but am sure I will' is the Cult 51 night cream. I have done a separate review of this and have a love hate relationship with it. I love the product but hate the price. I've managed to get my sister hooked as well. WHAT HAVE I DONE! 

On my 'liked' but not obsessed with list was the Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Balm. I remember first opening this and thinking 'where have you been all my life'?! It smells divine and is orange. Both key attributes in my book. And it is a really nice cleanser. It just isn't a great cleanser. It's not a thick enough balm for me, I never felt as squeaky clean as I do with my other regulars and it never really warmed up and properly spread over my face when I wanted to do a massage. So, good, but not great, and there are so many others out there to try. 

Right, I need to speed up now as Marcella is on ITV (you should watch this people)........ 

I bought the This Works Official 'in transit' moisturiser come mask come primer. I expected the world (apparently Victoria Beckham swears by this) but for me; damp squib. I found it lacking in much glow or oomph giving. It was a nice moisturiser, but nothing amazing, and I don't think I'll be using it again. 

Similarly, the Honey Mud silk cleanser by May Lindstrom left me a bit indifferent. It smelt great and was a good mask, but no noticeable effects on my skin. If I was going to buy anything from her range it would be the Problem Solver or the Blue Cocoon, which give a bit more bang for their considerable buck. 

I had a sample of Sunday Riley's Flora, which was gone in a flash, but a lovely, hydrating oil. As I have quite a lot of equivalent stuff at the moment I won't be purchasing, but did rate this as a great oil.   

Finally, I was given a sample of the Elizabeth Arden multi purpose oil. I'm a massive fan of the eight hour cream which sorts out a multitude of problems. I mostly used this as a body oil and it smelled great and did a lovely, hydrating job. Again, as I have lots of cheaper alternatives I wouldn't be running for this to buy, but it was a very nice (and handy) product.   

So there you have it. I need to drink wine now and watch a Police Drama. Happy cleansing. Xx 

 The shelf of dreams (and dead plants)  

The shelf of dreams (and dead plants)