Rainy Sunday Reviews

It is chucking it down outside, the rest of the family is sleeping and it seemed like the perfect opportunity to review a few recent empties. This is motivated partly by my need to inform and also partly by the need to start throwing away some of the piles of boxes I have in the bedroom. I need to declutter. Stat.

As usual, if you are interested in indepth ingredient analysis and evidence base, then you are best off checking out hiddenharmonyworld.com & detailorientedbeauty.com. My reviews are based almost entirely on anecdotal endeavours 😊.

 Artfully captured in the loo. Hygienic. 

Artfully captured in the loo. Hygienic. 

So, first up, Healgel 'Eye' - £32 for 15ml. I don't usually buy eye creams as a) they don't work and b) surely my highly expensive serum should be enough? Anyway, my under eye bags and discoloration were getting out of control and I was really keen to try this brand, who also offer face serums and general healing goodness. They were created by a plastic surgeon, which seemed a fairly good endorsement of skin healing knowledge. 

So, what did I think? Well, overall I thought it was a great product. It is a clear gel consistency which absorbed really quickly and left no residue. It felt lovely on the skin and did a nice job at hydrating my under eye area. Did I see any dramatic difference in my undereye bags and discolouration? No. Did people stop telling me I looked tired? No. Do I think any product will ever make much of a difference? Honestly, no. I'd love to try the rest of their range but don't think I'll be rushing to repurchase this or any other eye cream. I'm just going to keep chucking my money at serums, which seems like a more cost efficient exercise.  

Which leads me nicely onto two entirely different, but recently finished serums. First up the Chanel Hydra Micro Beauty Serum - £66 for 30ml. I got upsold this when buying some Chanel foundation and was really impressed by the hydrating base that it gave to my makeup. Imagine my overwhelming smugness when I later discovered that Caroline Hirons was extolling its virtues.  

I have really enjoyed this serum. It is a lovely plumping gel, which absorbed well and mixed with other products. It did feel like sacrilege to smother SPF all over it during the day and I think it is best used under a fresh face of makeup for an evening out. It does have the signature Chanel smell which I love, but may be off putting for others.  

It is a fair wack at £66 for something with no real 'treatment' properties, albeit a nice, hydrating serum. Its consistency and effect is so similar to the Vichy Aqualia Thermal serum (which is a third of the price - £22) that I'd say try that one in the first instance. It is by no means an essential but I would consider repurchasing in future.  

And, finally, we have the Zelens Brightening Serum. I had read so much about this and was desperate to get my hands on some, so much so that I contacted their PR team to get a sample. They incredibly kindly sent me a whole tube of the stuff to test, which I have now finished. 

I really wanted to love this as I am such a fan of the brand and there is clearly so much science and knowledge that goes into these products. Sadly for me it just didn't give any noticeable effects, which given its price tag (£135 for 30ml) means that I couldn't recommend it. Again Caroline Hirons reported that it really helped with her melasma, but I didn't notice any improvement after 4 months use.  

I started using it in the evening and my skin felt very dry and red initially. It didn't really break my skin out but it was certainly very irritated and didn't look its best. However, I persevered and my skin calmed down, but it didn't seem particularly brightening, nor did it treat any of my pigmentation.  

As with all skin products, some work wonders on some skin types and do very little for others. Sadly my skin wasn't a fan but I would recommend maybe testing out a sample if you are interested. Also a massive thankyou to Zelens for giving me so much information on their product and the good news is I have two other goodies of theirs to review, which have been much more of a success. 

So, for now, enjoy your Sundays. Not sure we will be leaving the house at this rate, but happy bday your majesty 👑.  



 Windowsill shot  

Windowsill shot